Lets Get Pampered!

Spa Packages

We offer two different packages to suit your dogs needs. Mini spa is a quick and easy option that takes less than 10 minutes. Mega spa is an all day event that they will always enjoy!

Mega Spa

We bathe your furball in an all-natural shampoo using our hydro-surge bathing system, deep clean their ears, brush their teeth with an all-natural toothpaste that is safe for your dog, hand-dry at the comfort of your pet, and file the nails to reduce size and sharpness. At no time will your dog see the inside of a cage, and our bather is very attentive to the needs of your pooch.

  • Short coat
  • Nearly no brushing needed
  • Fast drying
  • Price: $35

  • Hair trims available for an additional fee
  • Price: +$10 per trim
  • DeShedding, Hygiene, Paws, Face, and etc.
  • If you'd like to know more of what this includes please contact us!

Mini Spa

$35 for 1 year

Our minispa is the most bang for your buck, not only does this cover nail trims and filing for an entire year, it also entitles you to fur freshing with our show-grade spray, and teeth brushing with our all-natural toothpaste that is both safe and delicious to your dog.

You must call in ahead of time
to ensure we are equipped enough for the job!